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Workshop on improving women's livelihoods in Uganda and Sub-Saharan Africa

Thursday, 12th December 2019

On Thursday 5th December, Uganda High Commission hosted a workshop on 'Improving women's livelihoods in Uganda' at Uganda House.


Deputy High Commissioner, Ambassador John Leonard Mugerwa, noted in his opening remarks that the topics for discussion during the workshop are 'crucial and pertinent' and whilst 'significant progress has been made', 'In many developing countries women still experience inequality and discrimination especially with regard to ownership of land, property or inheritance, based on cultural or customary practices.'


Ambassador Mugerwa further remarked 'Uganda was privileged to have held the presidency of the UN General Assembly in 2014/15 when the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted', with 'one of the key priorities for Uganda's presidency being gender equality and women empowerment.'


Furthermore, Ambassador Mugerwa observed 'ownership of land and property is a very critical factor in women's empowerment. The 1995 Constitution of Uganda, the Land Act of 1998 and the National Land Policy of 2013 all have provisions to safeguard women's rights to own land and end discriminatory practices' 'But while commendable progress has been made, much more remains to be done towards empowering women economically and politically in order to improve their livelihoods in Uganda and other developing countries.'


His remarks were followed by a presentation from Dr Florian G Kern from the Department of Government at the University of Essex ' the UK's leading political science department according to the Research Excellence Framework ' who presented ongoing work on how the strengthening of women's land rights, gender mainstreaming and maternal health can improve women's livelihoods.


Visiting representatives of the Uganda Land Alliance (ULA), Ms Algresia Ogojo and Ms Freda Orochi, presented the work of the Uganda Land Alliance in Improving Women's Livelihoods.


Mr David Obot of Network of Ugandan Researchers and Research End Users (NURRU) presented research on 'Action-Oriented Research: Women as Critical Stakeholders in Evidence Based Advocacy.'


The seminar served as an exchange of academic researchers and practitioners as well as the audience interested in women's rights and their well-being in Uganda.


Deputy High Commissioner, Ambassador John Leonard Mugerwa's full remarks can be read below.


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