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Friday, 15th July 2022

Q. How can I apply for a visa and what are the requirements?

Q. I want an update on my visa application, where can I get this?

Q. How can I renew my passport, replace a lost passport or apply for a child's first passport (who does not possess another passport)?

Q. I am traveling to Uganda; what are the Covid-19 testing requirements?

Q. How can I register for a National ID? Is my National ID ready for collection and when can I collect it?

Q. What are your current opening hours?

Q. What are the different methods of contacting your office?

Q. What are the guidelines on returning the remains of deceased Ugandan nationals from abroad?

Q. How can I apply for dual citizenship?

Q. How can I apply for a Certificate of good conduct?

Q. I have a Home Office Travel Document; do i need a visa to travel to Uganda?

Q. I need to replace my Birth Certificate, how can I do this?