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International Cultural Day at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Thursday, 3rd August 2017

Every new intake the Royal Military Academy [RMA] Sandhurst, holds an International Cultural Day for the Junior Course. The purpose of the event is to enable the British Cadets to understand the diversity and similarities in the cultures of the allied partner states with whom they train and will, in future, likely deploy with.

Uganda currently has two Cadets at RMA Sandhurst. O/Cdt David  Ssonko [Course 163, graduating 12 August 2017] and O/Cdt Julius Ntegeka Cadet Course 173 [Currently in the Junior Term, ending 11 August 2017. He will graduate in March 2018].

Mission staff visited RMA Sandhurst on the evening of Monday 26th July 2017, where they served traditional Ugandan dishes of Akatogo [MatookeCurry], Akalo [Millet Bread], Mowoogo Chips, [Cassava Chips]. Gonja [Plantain],Bean Stew, Mukira Gwente [Oxtail Stew], Entula [Bitter Tomatoes Stew], Samosa,Spinach, Chapati.

The Ugandan Stall was the most visited stall that evening with the two highlights being Ebijanjalo [Beans Stew] and Uganda Waragi where the totapaks have been baptised Gin in a Bag.

The next International Day will be held in November 2017 at Joint Command and Staff College, Shrivenham where we have Maj Edith Nakalema as a student.