International Trade

Developing international trade, using a vibrant domestic production and trade subsector as a springboard is an important component of Uganda’s Trade Policy.

The overriding objective of Government policy on international trade is to ensure effective integration of the economy into the regional economy and the multilateral trading system, enhancing national capacity to take advantage of the above, while minimizing the negative effects of globalization.

Government policy actions in the international trade sub-sector aim at:

  • Ensuring that the sub-sector effectively and efficiently complements the domestic trade and production sub-sectors;

  • Ensuring that what is produced domestically can be competitively traded at international level;

  • Using trade negotiations to influence policies and practices of the country’s trading partners’ so that they are conducive to the development of Uganda; and

  • Adapting Uganda’s economy to the trade and trade-related policies and practices of the country’s trading partners.