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Kidepo National Park - a hidden gem in Uganda

There's a reason why Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa - its stunning scenery and wildlife. However, one of its best kept secrets remains hidden...

H.E. Prof Joyce Kikafunda welcomes Grow Movement team to Uganda High Commission

On Tuesday 17th November 2015, H.E. Prof Joyce Kikafunda welcomed the Grow Movement team to Uganda High Commission, to talk about economic development in Uganda. 

Uganda High Commission celebrates Uganda's 53rd Independence Day

Following on from attending prayers for Uganda at St Paul's Cathedral on Independence Day, Uganda High Commission celebrated the country's Independence on Saturday 10th October with Ugandans in the diaspora.

H.E. Prof. Joyce Kikafunda speaks at 5th Uganda-UK Convention

On Saturday 12th September 2015, H.E. Prof. Joyce Kikafunda made a speech at the 5th Uganda-UK Convention with the theme "Turning growth into prosperity."