High Commissioner's Message

Dear Visitors, I am grateful and honoured to welcome you to the website of Uganda High Commission in London, also serving Ireland. In this website, we offer a wide range of information on consular services, trade, economic and news from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uganda.

Due to sound macroeconomic policies by Uganda Government at the back drop of peace and tranquility for the last three decades, Uganda's economy, that went belly up by 1986, is now set to rebound in all sectors.  Growing by an average of 6% for the last 10 years, Uganda's economy is like an aircraft on a runway, about to take off and very soon will be airborne. According to the International Monetary Fund, Uganda's economy is expected to grow by 6,3% in the 2018/19 (July-June) fiscal year,slightly higher than the 2018 rate, helped by robust activities in all sectors including manufacturing and construction.

We invite you to be part of the transformation. During my tour of duty to the United Kingdom & Ireland, the following investment areas are critical for Uganda's growth and we call upon investors and Ugandans in the diaspora to consider these areas, along side other sectors.

1.         Industrial grade sugar for the pharmaceutical industries;


2.         Starch and textiles sector;


3.         Iron and steel to support manufacturing industries;


4.         lithium mineral in Uganda;


5.         copper mines and;


6.         Tailor made (group) tourism to Uganda.


We invite with confidence all Ugandans living and working in UK & Ireland, to invest in Uganda. East, West, North or South, home is the best. You should show a difference by investing in Uganda in any sector you are passionate about.There is money to be made in Uganda! Lots of it!! We urge you to be a player as we build our country together through investments. Be a part of Uganda Vision 2040 that aspires to change the country from a predominantly low income to a competitive upper middle income country within 30 years with a per capita income of USD 9,500. It only gets better with the active participation of all Ugandans.

We also encourage companies in the UK and Ireland to invest in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.  In addition to the sectors listed above, there are many other profitable enterprises in all sectors of Uganda's economy. Feel free to contact us for guidance. Uganda enjoys a big market in the heart of Africa, with over 250 million people in the wider COMESA region, about 100 million consumers in East African Community and about 42 million in Uganda.