Certificate of Identity / Emergency Travel Document

An Emergency Travel Document/Certificate of Identity is available to Ugandan Nationals for travel from the UK to Uganda if needed to travel urgently and a Ugandan Passport cannot be used.

It is only valid one way.

Submissions are walk in, Monday - Friday between 12pm - 1pm.

Emergency travel documents are only issued within 7 days of your arrival date to Uganda. 

Applicants must have all documents printed out - 

1. Fully completed Form G.

2. Two (2) identical passport size photographs (taken within the past 6 months, coloured, strictly on a plain white background, full front face view and a neutral facial expression with both eyes open and both ears visible).

3. Present expired passport/copy of expired passport/Ugandan National ID

4. If passport is lost, a Sworn Affidavit notarized by a solicitor, dated within six months.

5.  Payment:

Payments for the Certificate of Identity can be made through:

  • Visiting: www.ura.go.ug
  • Selecting: Make a payment 
  • Selecting: Click here to register a payment
  • Selecting: 'Other NTR' under 'Tax Head'
  • Entering: Applicant details under 'taxpayer details' - fields marked red are mandatory
  • Selecting: The 'Ministry/Department/Agency' -  'Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (National Citizenship and Immigration Control)' under 'Details of Other NTR payments'.
  • Selecting: a) Certificate of Identity: Under 'taxhead name' select 'Certificate of Identity'
  • Selecting: 'online payment options' under 'payment methods'
  • Entering: Text from the given image
  • Selecting: 'Accepting and Register'
  • Selecting: GT Bank as the bank in which you wish to make payment under 'online payment summary' and pressing 'continue'
  • Noting: Your PRN on the GT Bank Uganda Revenue Authority Payment page and pressing continue
  • Proceeding with payment using your UK Debit/Credit Card details.
  • Applicants must print off and attach proof of payment to their passport application. PAYMENT CANNOT BE MADE AT UGANDA HIGH COMMISSION.

Cost: 40,000Ush

6. Cover letter requesting for Certificate of Identity, addressed to 'Uganda High Commissioner, London'

7. Attach a copy of your air ticket with departure date within seven days.