High Commissioner H.E. Nimisha Madhvani Special Guest at Uganda Nurses and Midwives Association - UK (UNMA - UK) AGM Annual Dinner

H.E. Nimisha Madhvani officiated the UNMA-UK 3rd anniversary at Leonardo Royal Hotel in Oxford on Saturday 15th July 2023. Notable attendees included the Lord Mayor of Oxford, Luba Arshad, the Lord Lieutenant of Oxford, Moira Darlington, CEO of Tropical Health and Education Trust, Mr. Ben Simms along with senior NHS officials, highly qualified nurses, and midwives, two officials from Uganda High Commission London; Deputy High Commissioner Amb. John L. Mugerwa, Councillor Miriam Otengo, among others.

The UNMA-UK was created in July 2020, at the backend of the second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic.  

Following a series of workshops to explore how the diaspora can engage in the global engagement campaign, the lockdown in the pandemic highlighted a massive gap in how the diaspora can support each other. 

The group, whose Co-founder and President is Ms Elizabeth Pearson Abwooli, comprises of health and social care professionals, predominately from Uganda, working in public and private healthcare sectors, decided to form a professional advocacy association.

During Her Excellency's address, H.E. Nimisha J Madhvani expressed gratitude to attendees and recognised the Lord Mayor, Lord Lieutenant of Oxford, and extended a special appreciation to Co-President Mr Tim Morgan Mugerwa and his team for organising such a great occasion.  

She added that without the support of the sponsors the day wouldn’t have been a success. She highlighted the contributions of Ugandan nurses and midwives to the UK's health and social care sector. She emphasized the importance of diaspora expertise, recognizing its role in enhancing Uganda's reputation. 

Her Excellency thanked our nurses, doctors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals who have demonstrated excellence, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to their patients and saving lives.

Their hard work and achievements have not only enhanced the reputation of Uganda but have also inspired future generations to dream big and achieve greatness. They are our Ambassadors wherever they are - especially with the support including here with the Oxford Lord Mayor Lubna Arshad.

Madhvani commended the warm reception Ugandans received in British society and called for collaboration to build a stronger Uganda.

She thanked President Museveni for his support and urged UK officials to improve healthcare facilities in Uganda. Madhvani concluded by acknowledging the dedication of healthcare professionals and inviting everyone to visit Uganda.

The Lord Mayor and Lord Lieutenant of Oxford expressed gratitude and appreciation for the contributions of Ugandan nurses and midwives to the NHS.

The CEO of Tropical Health and Education Trust thanked the Ugandan Government for opening up knowledge sharing programs with UK health professionals, noting their significant impact on improving care. He pledged continued partnership.

The President of UNAM-UK thanked both Governments for their unwavering support with special appreciation to UK’s Trade envoy to Uganda Lord Dollar Popat for playing a pivotal role in supporting their activities.

The occasion ended with a dance showcasing Ugandan flavor.

Sat, 07/15/2023